Roman Amphitheaters


You probably know that we have built a massive orientation database of ancient square and rectangular structures spread all over the world. The database currently contains 955 ancient structures and this list is still growing with each new discovery.

We have again made new discoveries: Roman amphitheaters are not what they seem to be.

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Fig. 1: Historians and archaeologists always say that the Romans built these massive amphitheaters. Our new discoveries shed new light on these ancient structures. It is highly unlikely that the Romans built these theaters. They found them, restored them, used them, and claimed them as their own inventions.

The data in our database is the result of our discovery that the North pole has migrated in several steps over the course of the last 350,000 years. We have named these five steps “poles I to V”. It has also become more evident that there is a Pole VI. But this pole is blurry and much harder to allocate and define. However, the Roman theaters are clearly pointing to this pole as well. What is the age of Pole VI? Between 410 and 440 thousand years (ky). Yes, that is astoundingly ancient.

The original foundations of most amphitheaters are not built by the Romans but by one of the many very ancient Lost Civilizations. 


Our Data Analysis Sheds New Light on the Origin of Roman Amphitheaters

Fig. 2: If we overlay the data of the Roman amphitheaters with our database we find similar peaks. The odds for this to be the result of coincidence is 0.0044%. What does this mean? These amphitheaters were not originally built by the Romans but by a lost civilization. The Roman empire simply overtook, restored, and copied what they had found. | © Mario Buildreps


The Roman Culture is a Copycat

Fig. 3: Our research is new to the academic world. By comparing the orientation of 120 theaters with the data in our database we discovered that they match up to a high degree. This has important consequences for the true origin of the Roman culture.

We already suspected that the Romans built their culture on a much older civilization. But that suspicion is not so easy to prove. Many theaters show multiple layers of construction in different stone sizes. Still, that does not prove much.

So, we have looked at the orientation of these Roman theaters which are NOT part of our database and whether their orientation correlates with the ancient geographic poles that we have found. If that proves to be correct, then we again have a jackpot.

Historians tell us that the Romans built all these amphitheaters. If that would be true then the correlation between the poles and the orientation of these theaters are truly two independent mathematical entities. It is relatively easy to look at these two patterns, and if they are overwhelmingly matching, then we have proof that these two patterns are NOT independent from each other. 


Mathematics Repairs the Systematic Academic Failures

As you can see in fig. 2, the blue vertical bar chart shows a remarkable match with the red horizontal lines. The correlation factor between the two independent data is 99.9956%.

What does that mean?

It means there is literally not a single chance that the Romans originally built these theaters. The Romans discovered them, were inspired by them, restored them, and sometimes even copied them and oriented them cardinally. 

This is our true ancient history.

It also becomes more evident that Homo sapiens was not in a sort of hibernation for a few hundred thousand years, and then suddenly woke up, and started to build magnificent things instead of meaninglessly roaming the endless plains. No, our species has always been active in building magnificent structures, right from the start. This is what Homo sapiens is about. Homo sapiens = Homo aedificium magnificus.

We are still gathering much more information regarding this intriguing subject. We might write and publish a scientific paper on our new discovery. 

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© 2015 – by Mario Buildreps et al.





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