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We have identified five different types of ancient monuments, and called them Pole V, Pole IV, Pole III, Pole II, and Pole I monuments. These monuments have their own typical orientation that relates to one of the poles. Important to emphasise is that we measure the orientation of foundations, the layer where it all began. We do not look at outer appearances of ancient monuments nor do we listen to all sorts of stories. We only measure, correlate, calculate, and conclude. And our conclusions are astonishing.

We express all our findings and correlations in probabilities, and by doing so our method performs better and more reliable than the mainstream experimental sciences like archaeology. In fact, archaeology does not even recognise, let alone validate, the possibility of lost ancient civilizations. Archaeology ridicules this possibility, and calls it pseudo-science. However, there is nothing pseudo about our razor sharp mathematical method that has identified four consecutive types of lost civilizations that once lived on our planet, over a staggering period of 350,000 years. Approximately as long as Homo sapiens is around.

Also, archaeology has never studied the phenomenon of orientation properly like we have done. The extensive studies that we have done have revealed many lost secrets of the ancient past. When orientation studies are performed on a massive scale, like we have done as the only ones in the world at this moment, it appears to be a very powerful tool.

Many of the ancient monuments around the world are examined, and we are still adding new ones to this extensive list of very ancient monuments. We will publish many more details about them in this Patron-only part of our website. When you subscribe to the $5 monthly plan or higher, you receive a password to access this exclusive part of our website. 

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5 Responses

  • Lisa Wilf

    I love your work. Thank you. My question is in regards to the Earth magnetic poles changing. I read the last magnetic pole switch was 750,000 years ago. I have also read the magnetic poles are going to flip very soon. Does this affect the math? Do you suspect any influences the pole flip will cause? Thank you

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Lisa, there is so much confusion about the magnetic pole. The pole clearly wanders around, but that does mean it is about to flip. It can be like a boat on the sea that wiggles but does not flip over. The core that generates the magnetic field is multiple times heavier than the light crust. And because geology has not validated expansion, nor geographic pole shifts, it is probably very wrong about every topic that is connected to the magnetic field. The field strength varies, the field direction wobbles, but I think it won’t be flipping. From the math there is no evidence for that at all.

  • Sam Ricketts


    Have you linked any ancient mythology to your work? The Aztecs have a story of “Five Suns” and according to it we are currently orbiting the 5th Sun. The theories of previous suns are also promoted by some planetary catastrophe theories as well as the Electric Universe theory which, has a model that suggests Saturn was our original or previous sun.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Sam, we sometimes link mythology to our work. Like in this article. The Hopi speak in their legends about multiple worlds. Why we do not attach too much value to detailed mythology is that over a period of hundreds of thousands of years stories can become so much distorted. Things like multiple worlds or five suns are okay I guess. We still do not know what they mean or how old the mythology is.

      • patrick

        and who knows how many world exist within our own earth. as far as other worlds, ever planet has its own world within each of them, and many are large enough to have thousands of world within their mass.

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