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Amazing discoveries like the true age of ancient structures and how they were oriented to very ancient geographic poles. But also the mechanisms behind ice ages, and how CO2 causes only temporary warming, an effect that we have named “flash heating”. We will be working on new models for simulations and animations, like animations how the crust deformed. 

We have discovered that many of the ancient mysteries regarding our past are encrypted in the collective of ancient structures around the world. A discovery that gives us enough fuel to write about and work on for many years to come.

We believe that top universities will be knocking at our doors, because not missing the boat about this new discovery is crucial. But we understand that this process might take some time, which gives us the opportunity to deepen our research even more. We will never forget that our Patrons were the first who understood the significance of our discoveries.

Many of the ancient monuments around the world are already examined and we will publish details about them in this Patron-only part of our website. 

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2 Responses

  • Sam Ricketts


    Have you linked any ancient mythology to your work? The Aztecs have a story of “Five Suns” and according to it we are currently orbiting the 5th Sun. The theories of previous suns are also promoted by some planetary catastrophe theories as well as the Electric Universe theory which, has a model that suggests Saturn was our original or previous sun.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Sam, we sometimes link mythology to our work. Like in this article. The Hopi speak in their legends about multiple worlds. Why we do not attach too much value to detailed mythology is that over a period of hundreds of thousands of years stories can become so much distorted. Things like multiple worlds or five suns are okay I guess. We still do not know what they mean or how old the mythology is.


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