How Old Are Pyramids?


New research proves that most pyramids, temples, and other important ancient structures around the world were built before catastrophic earth crust shifts. The orientation of many pyramids reveals former geographic poles. Their foundations appear to be very ancient. The proof that the correlations are not at all coincidental has been mathematically provided by us. Most pyramids are much older than was always assumed, way beyond our imagination.

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Fig. 1: Pyramids are believed to be not older than a few thousand years. The truth is that they appear to be, in some cases, even older than 250,000 years – proven with our new mathematical theory. | © Mario Buildreps


Commonly Used Dating Methods

Determining the age of a pyramid is not as simple as many people might assume. Most believe that archaeologists are correct in their conclusions. But stones cannot be dated to determine the age of a structure because what the researchers invariably find is the formation date of the rock material itself many millions of years ago. And not when the stones were used in the creation of a structure after rocks were formed.

Scientists believe they have found a reliable way to date stone structures when all they do is make associative, assumptive, and subjective connections between the organic materials found in and around the structures. They claim that this dating method is reliable, but there is no way for anyone to validate such a claim. We cannot associate one thing with another with absolute certainty.

And that appears to be the major problem in dating any stone structure: validation of the dating methods. There is not a single validation possible to back up any of the archaeologists’ claims. Academia, in general, is very sure about its dating methods, but our new mathematical dating method suggests that all dating of ancient structures, performed during the past several decades, is incorrect.

Academia states that the most common way to date a structure is to carbon-date organic artifacts left by ‘builders’ found inside and around pyramids, or organic materials that slipped between the stones. This method of dating is believed to be fairly accurate. It is often claimed as ‘evidence’ regarding the age of a given structure. That appears to be a major mistake.


What is Evidence?

According to the Oxford dictionaries, is evidence defined as the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. The words ‘scientific evidence’ is often misused to emphasize a particular belief or to label a specific theory.

We believe that the sun and the moon are the cause of tides on earth. However, how do we know that for sure? The only evidence we have are clear patterns between the moon phases, orbits, and the tides. From that, we can develop a theory which predicts what will happen next. When we can verify it multiple times with our senses, we might become even more confident that the theory is complete and correct.

However, the final proof is the mathematical verdict that removes all doubts, whereas current scientific “evidence” only leads one in the direction of an alleged fact or a dubious statement. We have mathematically proven that the foundations of pyramids are hundreds of thousands of years old – we have real evidence. Our evidence is backed by indisputable proof that we express in probability.

The probability that we are correct in our hypothesis exceeds 99.7%. That is a very high figure to start research. After we deepened our research, we ended up with a figure of 99,99987% or 1 to 750,000 that we are wrong in our conclusions.


What Have We Discovered?

We have discovered that the orientation of virtually all ancient monuments, that are spread all over the world, form just a few giant orientation clusters around Greenland. The probability that these clusters are the result of a coincidental process is 0%. Orientation is the ultimate key to unlock many doors to the ancient secrets.

What the importance and meaning are of these typical orientation clusters is explained further on.


Fig 2: There is an overwhelming correlation between the orientation of ancient structures and the waxing and waning of glaciation cycles over the last half million years. The probability that the correlation is unimportant and coincidental is 0.00013%. Some of the current scientific paradigms, such as the cause of ice ages, the Global Warming dogmas, but also the dating methods of ancient structures, are based on incorrect evidence. Ancient cultures oriented their pyramids and temples to other geographic poles. Our astounding and significant discovery is that Homo sapiens’ architectural history goes back more than 350,000 years. | © Mario Buildreps.


Classifying Ancient Monument according to Timeframes

If we can somehow relate pyramids around the world, can we then classify them into a certain period? Yes, it appears we can. And this is the first step to take before we dive into the intimidating mathematical details. We can do that by analyzing the orientation patterns of pyramids spread around the world.

We have researched the orientation of about 1,000 pyramids and temples around the world. This enormous research made it possible to classify the foundations of ancient structures within specified time frames. The biblical and mythical deluges and the Ice Ages appear to be the same time-related event, as you will see further on in this article. And it even happened more than once in history.

Some of our readers might have read Zacharia Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian Tablets that also mention a series of deluges covering more than 400,000 years. That confirmation appears to be something more than coincidental. The time frames defined in these tablets seem to precisely correlate with the mathematical periods we have been able to extract from our data.


Deluges and Crustal Shifts Are One and the Same Event

Fig. 3: When the large ice sheets on the Northern hemisphere began to melt, sea levels began to rise globally. This process started some 22,000 years ago, which finally resulted in a sea level rise of more than 120 meters. Coastal regions flooded at a massive scale. This process didn’t go fast, but the gradual rise affected and disrupted all cultures around the world. The many hundred submerged cities are our silent witness. It is generally assumed that there were no advanced cultures around at that time. That, however, appears to be a big misunderstanding. This gradual sea level rise that flooded coastal regions was nothing compared to the catastrophes, the crustal deformation, that preceded the sea level rise.

Is there evidence of a Deluge? Yes, there is! We have overwhelming evidence for a Great Flood if we look at the effects the melting water of the great ice sheets had on the coastlines between 22,000 and 6,000 years ago. All coastlines flooded around the world because of this melting water. The majority of Humans have one thing in common; the general habit to live along coastal shores. And if the sea level rises massively, and keeps on rising through the centuries, this process disrupts their habitats constantly. 

Around the globe, sea levels rose by about 120 meters. There are so many sunken cities all around the planet that it is easy to accept them as being older than 6,000 years. If such a deluge happened today, it would directly affect more than 60% of the Human population around the world.

Virtually all cultures speak about deluges in their myths and legends. Whatever scholars want to say about native legends, most ancient tales contain a deeply hidden truth. As we will show in this series of articles, the most probable cause of the floods were massive Earth crust deformations. Every deformation cycle marks the beginning of a new ice age.

We explain that, because pyramids have a square foundation, they can be used to find mathematical patterns in their orientation, especially when we examine them worldwide in large numbers.

Note – when we say: North pole, we mean the geographic North pole. Our theory of Earth Crust Deformations (also called ‘shifts’) does not deal with the magnetic poles. The geographical pole is the rotation axis of the earth.


Orientation of Giza

Fig. 4: The Giza pyramids are oriented to our current geographical North pole and therefore were constructed AFTER the “Great Flood”. They are older than 4,500 years and younger than 26,000 years. The Giza pyramids have been built with astounding accuracy, oriented to the current North pole. Their deviations beyond 0.06 degrees are not measurable. Note: to understand the number 26,000 you must read the article on our main page.


Stupendous Accuracy

Fig. 5: Finding Our Current Geo Pole: How Our Triangulation System Works. The orientation of the pyramids of Giza and the pyramid of Ping of Han intersect at the current North pole. They belong to the same time frame as Giza. In fact, all cardinally oriented structures belong to the same time frame: between 0 and 26,000 years old. 

The statement that the pyramids of Giza are oriented to the current North pole (cardinally oriented) no longer makes the evening news. More important to know is that the Giza pyramids are oriented to the current geographic North pole and are therefore built after the Great Flood. This Great Flood was caused by an Earth Crust Shift, which ushered in the beginning of the last ice age.

Our estimation is that the Giza pyramids are built between 4,500 years and 26,000 years ago. That means that nothing which is precisely oriented to our current geographic pole is older than 26,000 years.

We have analyzed big data and concluded that the Earth’s crust became stable 26,000 years ago, after being unstable for more than 100,000 years. Our research has concluded that ice ages were nothing else than crustal deformations, but incorrectly interpreted as ice ages.

Our research is currently peer reviewed by a team of data analysts. After five years of non-stop research, we have little doubt what their conclusions will be.

Homo sapiens was not a brainless barbarian roaming around the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, just doing nothing, and then suddenly started to build marvelous structures. It appears that Homo sapiens has been actively building marvelous things over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. But don’t tell this to your history teacher. People who are stuck in dogmas and stories cannot digest such truths. They only get angry.


Chinese Pyramids that are NOT Oriented to Our current Geographic Pole

Fig. 6: It is not difficult to see that some Chinese pyramids were NOT pointed to the current geo North pole, but to Greenland. This pyramid in China shown above is oriented at an angle of 8 degrees (352 degrees) West of North, namely towards Greenland. Were these pyramids built when Greenland was actually located at the North Pole? There appears to be a pattern, an overwhelming pattern.


Pyramids at Xi’an, China

China has over 300 pyramids which are oriented in just a few groups. Most of the pyramids can be found in the center of China, near Xi’an.

These are real pyramids, and it took scientists many centuries to figure this out. They call them “tombs” because we are simply groping in the dark what they were used for. There are people who suggest they were used to focus energy, but that is all very obscure for anyone to verify.

The pyramids in China are profoundly oriented in just a few different configurations:

  • Oriented to the current North pole;
  • Oriented at an angle of about -8° (to Greenland);
  • Oriented at an angle of about -14 to -15°.

Why are they oriented like this? The precision of the ones which are oriented to the current geographic pole is so exact that the other ones, which were oriented towards Greenland, suggest it was not something coincidental. But to prove this requires much more than just a few of these Chinese pyramids. That is why we collected as much data as we could possibly find.

The 8 degrees-oriented Chinese pyramids massively converge on the same area of Greenland as the pyramids of Latin America also do and collectively they form an enormous mathematical node. The odds for this node to be coincidental, which we have named Pole II, is 1 to 1.82×1020, which is incredibly high. Thus, Pole II is proven with 100% accuracy and certainty.


The Orientation of Chinese Pyramids

The different orientations of the Chinese pyramids imply that their ancient builder cultures had survived an Earth Crust Displacement. Crustal displacements moved the geographical North pole on Greenland to its current location. Greenland moved southward to an area where it starts to melt very slowly.

There are pyramids in China which were built before the Great Flood and others after the Great Flood. The builder cultures somehow survived it, adapted, and built another series of pyramids oriented to the new, current geographic pole.

This would mean that the pyramids oriented to the current North pole are of the same period as the ones of Giza, younger than 26,000 years. But the other pyramids, oriented with an angle of 8° are, by inference, older than 130,000 years. Yes, there is a huge gap between the stable periods of the geographic pole. The migration of a geographic pole took tens of thousands of years and wiped many advanced civilizations off the face of the Earth.

Is this why the Chinese culture is so advanced in medicine, religion, philosophy, and many other areas because it is so old and their traditions survived the Great Flood?


Locations of Some Chinese Pyramids

Oriented to Current Pole (0°)Oriented to Greenland (8°)
34°23’53″N / 108°42’44″E34°21’48″N / 108°37’51″E
34°23’26″N / 108°44’21″E34°21’43″N / 108°38’26″E
34°24’03″N / 108°45’53″E 34°20’18″N / 108°34’10″E


Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Fig. 7: The pyramids of the Moon (top left) and the Sun (bottom) at Teotihuacan. They too are oriented to Greenland.

The whole perspective becomes even more interesting when we go to Mexico.

One of the most important aspects of scientific evidence is that it is reproducible and verifiable. In our case, it is gratifying that anyone can look over our shoulder and can confirm what we are doing. We talk in simple language.

When we draw a line from the pyramids in China (oriented at 8°) and the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, the lines will intersect each other on Greenland. This is reproducible and verifiable by anyone who has access to Google Earth. Academia should ask this question, as we did: What could this mean?

Read our article “Why is Greenland Covered in Ice?” again, and you will see clearly that the pyramids of Mexico and the ones of China were both constructed before the Great Flood. These pyramids were built when the North pole was still on Greenland – and that is a very long time ago.

The earth’s crust appears to have shifted, as Hapgood suggested, only it did this in a latitudinal manner. However, the crust did not shift as wildly as Hapgood suggested. It shifted slowly over a period of tens of thousands of years. The cultures that built these pyramids are much older than we ever imagined possible.

It is also importance to understand that Antarctica did not participate in this shifting process over the last half million years. The crust deformed disproportionate, which caused the geo North pole to migrate while the geo South pole remained at a fairly steady position.


How Teotihuacan and Pyramid Wu of Han Intersect at Greenland

Fig. 8: The orientation of the pyramids in Mexico and China intersect each other exactly on the former North pole on Greenland. This is one of the former geographical North poles. By using this method with more than 970 ancient monuments, 4 former geo poles are proven.


Verification Data of Intersection Point

China (Wu of Han)34.338°N, 108.570°E352° (360-8)
Mexico (Sun Pyramid)19.692°N, 98.844°W15.5°
Intersection Point73.281°N, 44.246°W 


The More Intersections, the More Proof

Fig 9: This simulation shows the deep connections between ancient pyramids and temples spread all over the world. Billions of complex calculations revealed this point cloud that we have projected over a sphere. The clustering around Greenland is visible. Greenland was once on the North pole, and that is the reason it has an ice cap. That is also the reason why it is now melting. This powerful mathematical discovery or “signal” shows how deep this pure and profound theory goes, veritable light years beyond the current materialistic paradigm. 40.6% of the ancient sites appear to be related to ancient geographic poles. Their typical orientation patterns join together in an area of only 2% in such a way that they follow the rhythm of the ice ages. The odds for this pattern to be the product of coincidence is unimaginably small. | © Mario Buildreps.

Only a few intersections, as shown above, prove little. It could be just coincidental. To rule out any coincidence, we have collected, examined, and processed the data of more than 970 ancient structures and sites. The results are staggering. It turns upside down all our treasured conventional beliefs regarding our ancient past in relation to the Earth.

Since we already suspected that Greenland was once the location of a former North pole, we drew a line over Greenland from the current North pole to the current South pole, along a longitude of 45°W, and roughly calculated the number of intersections located on that preliminary reference line. The results were spectacular. Later in the process, the exact longitude of this line was calculated to be at 47.1°W. The results along this new line were even better.

Former geographic poles clearly revealed themselves at several locations on Greenland. The probability of this finding can be calculated by using the binomial formula. With the user data set, and with the preponderance of found intersections, the probability of mere chance is less than 0.000000001%. The existence of former geographic North poles has a certainty of better than 99.999999999%. Therefore, this finding is one of intent and not a coincidence.

In scientific terms: We can be sure this fact is true, and it has deep repercussions. As you will see, a puzzle starts to fall into place.

The Earth’s crust has shifted in the distant past when the civilizations who built these ancient pyramids, temples and other structures, were already present and were flourishing. We are not speaking of a few thousand years ago. We are speaking of a timeframe spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

Fig. 10: We have distilled a reference line from our massive database. When we examine the number of intersections with the North-South line, we find the former North poles. That line has been calculated at 47.091°, rounded to 47.1° for practical reasons. It delivers 100% proof – mathematical proof.


The Earth’s Crust Has Shifted Multiple Times in the Past

We can safely claim that Greenland was repeatedly the location of previous North poles, without having any geological knowledge or evidence. We do not even have to go anywhere. We don’t need to walk on pyramids, or on glaciers, or to be a specialist in any of these areas. We do not even need a shred of ‘evidence’. We only need mathematics and a large database with the location and orientation of ancient structures.

We can now understand why Greenland is melting, and why we find so many mysterious sites around the world, and why these cultures disappeared.

In our book, which is currently in the making, we will disclose the details of how the location of this intersection line is calculated at precisely 47.091°W, rounded to 47.1°W.

The book will not intimidate anyone with mathematical equations forming the basis of our new theory. But there will be extensive appendices in the book, dedicated to the mathematics that supports our theory.


This is What We Found

Fig 11: The odds that the shift pattern between the poles coincidentally matches the same sequence of temperature variations during the last series of ice ages is less than 0.4%. When we deeper investigated this matching pattern we found a probability of 1 to 750,000 for this pattern to be coincidental. That means that the original foundations of many ancient structures around the world appear to be spectacularly more ancient than anyone had expected. | © Mario Buildreps.


© 2016 – by Mario Buildreps et al.


Proofreading and editing: J.B.


38 Responses

  • Jose

    Are you saying Ice Ages (glacial and interglacial periods where a vast area of land was covered with many feet of ice) are just crustal deformations? You do understand that there are crustal deformations AS A RESULT OF ice buildup, causing the landmass underneath the ice to buckle and sink. When the Ice retreats, the crust goes through a “rebound” period, noting the elastic nature of the crust…

    • Mario Buildreps

      The data as they are interpreted suggest indeed crustal deformations. The signal is very strong.

      • Jerome

        Im curious and haven’t checked all your stuff out yet but how often does the pole shift?

  • Luke

    I’m curious, has your team looked at any orientations toward the South Pole? Everything seemed to focus on the North Pole but what of the South? Are there any intersections or points of interest to the south as it relates to the pyramids?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Yes, we have. We have found an orientation pattern in Tiwanaku. Here is a video on this topic:
      Two-thirds of all land is on the Northern hemisphere. That’s one reason. Another reason is that the majority of ancient structures are located on the Northern hemisphere. And if ancient structures are located on the Southern hemisphere, they are in 90% of the cases clockwise oriented and so orientation-wise correlate with one of the Poles IV or V and so originally located on the Northern hemisphere before the series of crustal deformations.

  • David Winans

    You mention continental shifts in this article. Looking at the various pictures of the convergence of the orientation of the the various structures over time, It appears that the continental drift of the American continental westward and the Euro/Asian continent east ward would explain the drift of the north pole as shown. Perhaps your study shows more clearly of the time lime of the continental drifts.
    If your kept the north pole relative stationary, then back calculated the change in location that each structure would have had to incurred to have pointed to the north pole, then you could determine the amount of continental drift that has occurred at that location and get a better understanding of the rate of the drift.
    Also, this would make your study more reasonable with regard to the south pole not changing location. If you could then calculate the location of the south pole with the new location of the each structure, and that calculation verify the location of the south pole then you would have verification of the amount of continental drift.
    Regarding the great flood discussion. It is interesting that the bible’s timing of the great flood in around 2348 B C. This is around the time of the 5th Dynasty of in Egypt. So something does not add up there. Your discussion of the various flood events and the relation to Ice age events seem to have more connection. However, the fact that the Ocean waters can move around more quickly and freely complicates the understanding of the rise and fall of the oceans in addition to the formation and melting of ice sheets over time. I feel the more understanding of the impact the atmosphere has on the earth temperature is required to determine why when and where the ice sheets form an impact the ocean levels. This is probably more to due to volcanic and meteor impacts as mentioned in other comments.
    I feel that the space winds have as much to do with the atmospheric changes as the human influence on climate change. ie the sun’s activity is much more influential than our fossil fuel power plants on the global warming . However air pollution that impact my lungs is of concern.
    It is also interesting the Bible addresses the mountain moving at the will of God alone with the flood. So the ancients were aware of the shifting of the earth crust and appear to have knowledge of the oceans covering the mountains. Does not take a geologist to find the evidence of sea creatures in the sedimentary rocks of the high elevations. So the exposed land is not the only thing that has moved up and down. The ocean floors have also moved up and down displacing the water, making the flood issue more complex than a relationship with the ice ages.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you, David, for your in depth comment.

  • David Fuller

    Thanks for this great work. I was just recently wondering about how the last ice age was centered over Hudson Bay and was about the same size as Antarctica but with Alaska and Siberia being ice-free. I have been looking at a lot of Randall Carlson’s stuff and he really shows the evidence of massive flooding all along the USA-Canadian border and all the drumlin evidence of massive under-ice flooding in Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a more sudden event causing the meltwater/ocean-rise spikes 12-14,000 years back and perhaps combined with the evidence that is growing for cosmic impacts or air busts at the later of the two meltwater events. We can’t ignore the possibilities for movements in the mantle of the earth or cosmic impacts causing other factors to increase the speed at which very large effects could have occurred. There is a lot of evidence of massive meltwater events that can’t be explained by gradual erosional forces. Also core sampling of lake bottoms and ice sheets that have the cosmic impact proxies correlating to extinction events. All of this stuff is coming forward and involving more mainstream attention. We tend to ignore that this planet has experienced the same thing as what we see on the Moon. Tunguska wasn’t that long ago and we see meteors more with all the dash cams around now. I saw a big meteor once. Anyway keep up the great work but remember there are a lot of people doing great work, they need to consolidate a little bit to get some kind of overall picture to work with. We kind of need people like Graham Hancock to present ideas outside the mainstream, and people like yourself and Randall Carlson and the scientists he brings into the picture to really open up the historical debate. Anyway thanks very much for your hard work.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi David, thank you for your interesting comment. It is always possible that a comet has impacted the earth at some time. However, that does not sufficiently explains all mysteries. It is more likely that a combination of events took place. Most people have the tendency when they believe to have found evidence for one thing, to directly abandon all other possibilities, while combinations of events are more likely to occur, and so to blur a clear few as to what exactly happened. Keeping an open mind is necessary to make progress.

      • David Fuller

        Hi Mario, if nothing else, we realize that things change a lot on this planet. Far more than gradualist dogma may have ingrained upon us. In one short human life we can see so much change, even in what could be considered perhaps a relatively stable time on Earth. Also like you say, we have to be open minded to all scientific input to see how it correlates and to ideas outside the accepted paradigm. Crustal displacement or cosmic impacts can cause volcanism and so many changes in the atmosphere. Mainstream seems to focus a lot on vulcanism, but what might be the cause of spikes in volcanic activity? Now they are saying the core is growing lopsided. Well yeah we know very little about the internal workings of the Earth and how that affects everything. We know very little about cosmic events, like how stable is the Sun really? How many significant impacts does this planet actually undergo? Human history is hundreds of thousands of years old or more and we see how much we have done in the last few hundred years, I doubt we were sitting on our thumbs for hundreds of thousands of years until fairly recently. That just kind of makes us look at cataclysmic changes destroying our work and even memory of our larger past. I think they are saying there are whole continents laying under the present ones in some places. Life has had to deal with extreme change. And I look at the present human society as being technologically advanced barbarians. Not necessarily intelligent. Mass extinctions lying under a layer of soot with nano diamonds, shocked quartz with cosmic metals in abundance leads me to think we have simply been making things better after an impact 13,600 years ago. We make a distinction about past peoples being hunter-gatherers. Well we just figured out how to put up a fence. T-Rex with a cell phone. ha ha. Actually not really funny and perhaps why there hasn’t been any “contact” if there are “aliens”. It is still fascinating and curious about Egypt and the 100 ton perfectly made boxes and exquisite stone pottery etc., the common building techniques in ancient stone works around the globe, and oddly mysterious why we don’t know who or why and come up with some arrogant rubbish to dismiss the past as though we are the apex of existence (which could be wiped out without any trace by an asteroid or even Earthly event). We pretend to “know” way too much. Hopefully experiences of the spiritual dimension in so many “faiths” proves of a genuine alternative to cosmic upheaval and material struggle.

      • Mario Buildreps

        Thank you for your great in depth comment, David.

  • A.Guelden

    What if your mathematical calculation is not correct because the movement of the Northpole wasn’t linear, e.g. what if a huge impact forced Greenland to move faster than expected. Did you intergrate such possibilities in your calculation? e.g.
    (Otto Muck suspected such an impact in Greenland, and as a result the doom of Atlantis about 12,000 years ago 😉 )

    BTW, thank you for asking the right questions 😉 Your site is very interessting to read…

    • Mario Buildreps

      It is always a possibility that things are different than we present at this moment. The impact crater on Greenland can only be dated between 0 and 2 million years, that is the true scientific dating. It cannot be dated more accurately than that at the moment. The crazy ideas that are spread on the internet are often incorrect. But if we assume that would be the case (that we are wrong in our conclusions), there must be a very awkward explanation for a striking matching series of events, i.e., the nodes that follow the temperature sequence of the ice ages. There’s less than 0.4% for that to be coincidence.

  • Kevin Good

    I have recently read yours and Dr Mark Carlottos studies on pole shifting. Both are fascinating and help answer questions on the age of these ancient structures. But I can’t help wonder why the end results are different if you both used math. Your pole shifts are in a line whereas Dr. Carlotto has a previous pole in the Bering Sea. I’m not saying one or the other is wrong, just different. I’m leaning towards your findings being more accurate. My thoughts are the pole would shift in more of a straight line vs from one side of North America to the other. Do you have any input towards these differences?? Keep up the great work!!

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I haven’t heard of the theory of Carlotto before. In most cases are findings of others based on much less data, and that might be one of the reasons that they differ. Around 50% of the ancient structures in our database focus very narrow in the nodes, while the other 50% are not. If one’s conclusions are based on the latter, what would be their conclusion if they include the former? That is why we have built a ridiculous large database to be sure in our conclusions.

      • Alexander

        I have been wondering the same thing about the differences in the previous North Pole locations. Carlotto also has an extensive website called “Before Atlantis” where he publishes his research. Since you are focusing on the same topic and use similar methodology (alignments of ancient sites), it would help a lot if you compare your notes and try to find the reason for the very different results regarding the North Pole locations. According to him, the previous North Poles were at 1) Hudson Bay, 2) North Greenland, 3) Norwegian Sea and 4) Bering Sea.

      • Mario Buildreps

        Hi Alexander, I understand your confusion. Our work is built on a database of over one thousand ancient sites around the world. This has led to a cluster of dense nodes, the Poles I to V. Mister Carlotto decided to follow Hapgood’s poles, and did that with only a handful of ancient monuments. Sites that are differently oriented are simply neglected, and that is a big red flag. Carlotto hasn’t done no real scientific work, as far as I can judge this.

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    talking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally talk over with my
    site =). We may have a link change agreement between us.

  • Observer

    Hello, really enjoyed your research. I did wonder if you have checked out Ben Davidson’s suspicious observer you tube channel. Hope your information can broaden a few minds.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thanks for your comment, Observer. We are aware of suspicious observers’ work, but we have serious different point of views on some topics that are not so easily to overcome. I will explain this.

      The core of our work is purely mathematical, and this alone makes us different than all other scientific works.

      Suspicious observers cherry picks on scientific work done by others and neglects or ridicule the work that do not serve their interests. They feed the underbellies of the masses with extreme weather and unproven ideas of sudden cataclysms. Furthermore, they do not do their own scientific research, and that in combination with cherry picking and in the same time kicking against the legs of mainstream science makes them not only an unscientific but also an unreliable partner.

      Their work is easy to grasp people who think to be “awake”, and by doing so they tap into a large audience.

  • Aryan

    Wow, this is legendary! I’m doing a presentation at school about this topic. Do I have permission to use the information presented and diagrams?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Yes, you have. Thanks for asking.


    Very interesting! Good to hear that the search for truth is still strong. Any word on what the pyramids were used for? I still do not accept tombs and human sacrifices. I suspect something much more practical.

  • Kenneth

    If the pyramids of Giza were built after the Great Flood, does this mean that the knowledge about how these pyramids were built and what their function was has been preserved? The people who built the pyramids were apparently not the victim of the results of earth crust displacements. Do you have any idea what the reason is why this knowledge has been lost?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Yes, you can read our article about ancient Egypt.

  • The temple of Kornark in India has many temples. It’s name in Hindi means ‘Angles of the Sun’.
    Karnac in Egypt at modern day Luxor, Carnac in France and near Thuly in Greenland Qanaaq all give testament that all these sites had a common source, linked to their positions on the Earth and the measurement thereof. I am hoping that as the ice leaves greenland the area around Thuly [qanaaq] that an ancient site will be revealed. When the inuit arrived in that area at an estimated 700 bc in their oral history they claimed that the area was already occupied by previous race.

    In egyptian history by Mantheo, an egyptian historian circa 2000 bc he describes an expedition to the frozen north by one egyptian who after years came back to egypt and was not believed when he reported endless ice fields and a civilisation settled in either Greenland or Iceland. He also describes a major worldwide exploration around 2300bc that was undertaken by many expeditions. There is evidence in Australia of a region in Queensland that bears Egyptian Hieroglyphics. First regarded as fake and now dated,[ quite possibly wongly] at 1700bc. It involved two egyptian princes in charge of a small flotilla being stranded in that location. This is also not acceptable to the main stream. I know this is late to modern within your theory however it reinforces the view that our ancestors human [of all types] were far more capable than given credit for. At a similar time period Chinese ships sailed to New Zealand and settled in the south west of South Island. Confirmed in Chinese and Maori history when the remains of the ships were uncovered in a storm.

    Keep up the great work. I have been convinced our history has been lost since I was a young child and have researched the so called dark ages assiduously. There are so many machine marks on the Egyptian monuments and we underestimate their natural human engineering mindsets.

  • Jorge Garcia

    This is obviously correct, and it sad that Science refuses to accept this. Both Teotihuacan, and Chichen Itza, for example, point toward Greenland, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are older structures than we thought…only that they were built ON TOP OF the “truly old” structures, or at least they were built to respect the orientation of the older structures they replaced. “Newer” constructs like the Giza pyramids were built to respect the “new” North Pole, but I would wager that the further down we go in Egypt, the more temples will point toward south or central Greenland. So, the cataclysmic event that killed off the Megafauna, and the Antlanteans, at the SAME time….12,000 years ago or so, ALSO must have changed the location of the poles…and that shift caused the Sahara Desert and Egypt to become closer to the equatorial bulge and started becoming the dry arid places they are today (but weren’t then). Also when you look at ANY map of the last glacial maximum, you can see that the “circle” of ice is perfectly centered around Greenland…NOT the north pole. This perfectly explains why Siberia was not so affected by the glaciers, and this is also the reason why Antarctica is seen on truly ancient maps, but not on newer ancient ones….Antarctica was not centered on the South pole.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Jorge. There are scientists who accept our conclusions. If science would generally accept this as a fact it would disrupt too many things at once. The process of accepting a higher paradigm has to proceed slowly, very slowly. It is no problem for us if this process takes many decades.

  • John

    One of your problems is that you have chosen ‘grid’ north as one of your points of reference. This is an arbitrary point on the globe and has no relation to geodetic north or true north (spin axis north). The true pole actually moves with time. This is called True Pole Wander (TPW) in science speak. Currently this drift is circa 10cm per year though has accelerated maybe to 25cm per year. The main cause of this currently is the melt from the last glacial Maxima – as the earth is not water symmetric i.e. the Pacific ‘side’ gets more weight added than the land mass ‘side’. This offset alters the spin axis slightly until a new equilibrium is reached. So your “47deg line” really should ‘end’ on the current true pole – meaning it will not be 47deg anymore.
    I do think a pole centred over Greenland/Baffin Island during the last ice age makes more sense as this explains the ice extent far better i.e. Siberia is ice free and would have allowed for the large populations of mammoth on what would have been fertile grass lands. The current pole position has made these lands cold hard tundra for 8 months. I just wonder if whatever caused the large melt water pulses circa 13/11kya released enough water to speed the TPW up so rather than the pole taking many many thousands of years to move it did so over several hundred years or a few thousand.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, John. We haven’t chosen a grid of reference to begin with, on the contrary, they are formed by the orientation extensions of randomly located ancient structures around the globe. In fact everyone with enough patience and insight can verify what we have done. Of course there are still a lot of questions to be answered. One thing is certain with a very high probability, and that is that the sequence matches the sequences of the ice ages. The most likely time frame is therefor 350,000 years, and not the short time frames of just a few ten thousand years. In fact the short time scales explain nothing, they make things only more unlikely to be correct.
      The likelihood that the crust shift over a very short period of time is very low. It is simply too large for that to make that happen. These large crustal deformations take place over a period tens of thousands of years. On top of that are there periods of tranquility, like now, and periods of turmoil. This makes it more difficult to understand what happened in the ancient past since we live in a tranquil period. Nothing is more incorrect than the assumption that we can interpolate simple measurements into a far future and a far past. The events are non-linear so to speak.

  • Hrvoje

    Great work. And what about Bosnian pyramids, Is there any measures for them?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you, Hrvoje. The Bosnian pyramid is, if it is a real pyramid, a relative simple case. The base of the pyramid seems to be oriented to our current geographic pole hence is younger than 26,000 years. Tunnel systems and constructions underneath the top construction might be much older however. Dating through 14C of these older parts might be impossible, because they can easily be older than 60,000 years. Orientation has proven to be a very good tool to date the original age of foundations.

  • Pavlovic

    Enjoyed every bit of your article. Thanks Again. Want more.

  • James Patten

    I’ve been telling people this for decades…that the first humans were born about a million years ago and major building started well over 500,000 years ago. Glad Mario Buildreps is here! Maybe…just maybe, folks won’t think I’m a nutcase! 🤓

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, James. The proof is overwhelming and unambiguous that Homo sapiens and Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalensis were all capable builders. If you have told people this for decades, you were right all along.

  • Cristina

    I think you have remarked some very interesting points, appreciate it for the post.

  • George Watson

    Very interesting! I think it is a significant method. Do you have an online downloadable database of pyramid locations and orientations so others can check your work?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, George. The data is the result of many years hard work. We have spent thousands of hours of research in this project, and there is no reason for us to toss it open on the street. Why would we do this? Only a few weeks ago we have upgraded our website and introduced the possibility for donations. And this will cover only a fraction of our already spent costs. Checking this kind of data can’t be done by just some volunteers, as you seem to suggest. This work requires many hundreds of hours of a skilled mathematician, and that work is already done. The data is checked, readjusted, and tinkered many times by our team. The results are available and for everyone to see – for free. There is still a lot of awesome stuff in the pipeline.


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