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We have discovered that ancient history and the waxing and waning of ice ages are intimately connected to each other. The current scientific approach is to break down problems into little parts to analyze them. This has also led to a disconnection of disciplines and made it impossible to analyze the big challenges, such as ancient history, as well as glaciations and climate change.

Our research has shown these issues are intimately entangled. Our research and conclusions have already stunned many researchers and scientists all over the world. Yet, we have only used mathematics as our ultimate tool for analysis. We do not need anything else.

We do not need to walk on glaciers or on pyramids and join expensive excursions into the field to “discover” new things. What more does one really know after such trips? All the data we need is already available. Welcome to a new era of research. 

This part of our website is dedicated to the topic of Earth Science. Our research has shown that CO2 lags behind the temperature data and is therefore not responsible for temperature changes in the long term. We have also discovered why and how CO2 trails behind and what caused the series of most recent ice ages.

If you dismiss CO2 as a possible cause of climate change, what in your opinion caused these large changes? Most geologists believe these changes were caused by Milankovitch cycles without making a single energetic analysis. In fact, until now, no serious scientific consideration has been given to glaciation cycles – but various improbable rationales abound.

We have discovered how the Greenland ice sheet was formed and why it is melting. We have also discovered how the large ice sheets – the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, the Greenland ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet – were formed and why they disappeared again. Our hypothesis is simple and logical. We have accepted and adopted much existing scientific data, but refrain from including or discussing some outlandish ideas that have no verified supporting data.

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