Dating of Ancient Monuments


With our method we have developed a new technique to date the original age of ancient monuments. That is the true antiquity of the foundations. For this we use a set of mathematical techniques that lead to very high probabilities of the genuine age of ancient monuments.

Our method is controversial, groundbreaking, and purely mathematical hence purely scientific. Our results have shaken the paradigm of many people around te world.

We have studied many ancient monuments around the world and publish some of our findings on our website:



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3 Responses

  • Mario, Are you familiar with Ioannis Liritzis and the process of Surface luminescence dating of some Egyptian monuments (file:///C:/Users/drjoh/Downloads/ScienceDirect_Surface_luminescence_datin.pdf)? I understand your ties to the theories of Charles Hapgood. However, the discovery and mapping of the alignments to the key meridian in the Atlantic may be the most important aspect of your research, regardless of the dates of construction. If your discovery supports the Hapgood theory, all the better. Nevertheless, you have found something in the alignments that may hold great importance, regardless of the Hapgood hypothesis.

  • Patrick

    Hi Mario,
    i was wondering if you have already taken a closer look at the richat structure?
    I dont know if the buildings shown in the following link are old or of newer age.
    Also i dont know if it is possible to define the orientation without outstanding features on some of the buildings.
    However, it might add some new data to your collection.

    best regards,

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Patrick, yes we have done some studies to this structure. As yet is our verdict leaning towards it being a natural formation, however, that can change when more information becomes available.


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