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  • Hello Mario, I am a Canadian Shaman working on an international documentary series about sacred sites. I would like to make a short video about Santa Cristina well in Sardegna. May I please use your illustrations about the path of the sun at ancient solstices and equinoxes? Along with your evidence of the North South orientation pointing to geo N III?

    I would also be interested in meeting you toward including you in the series…if you are interested

    There is a short sizzle reel: (password: shaman)

  • Alfredo Bacchelli _ Roma, Italy

    Hi Mario!
    My name is Alfredo Bacchelli; I’m an Italian engineer and worked for about 40 years for electronic companies in the aerospace field as expert of Radar technologies and Electronic Countermeasures. I retired from this activity several years ago and started to write science-fiction books and to present to Cultural Organisations in Rome (Italy) conferences on variois subjects including evolution of aircraft technologiers from ancient legends to present time flying machines, alcient cultires around the Mediterranean Sea, legends and possible realities about Atlantidean kingdom and its location, influence of the Greek and Roman cultures on today’s western civilisation etc. I was collecting info about the Younger Dryas time and events when I found your excellent work at I would really like to have the possibility to incorporate elements of your research into my conferences. This would be in Italian language with the only purpose to distribute culture among my friends and listeners. No commercial implications are foreseen but in future I don’t exclude the possibility to write a book on prehystorical civilisations and in this case part of the conclusions of your work could be included, stating of course that these info are taken from your work.
    Could you authorise me to do this, now in one or two of my conferences and in future maybe in a book? Thanks!

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Alfredo, thank you for contacting me and asking for permission. Feel free to use anything that suits your own research. Referring to sources is a good practice that I probably don’t have to remind you of. I wish you lots of inspiration in your writings and presentations, and if you ave questions you can always e-mail me at:


  • Kobyn Ray

    Hi Mario – very interesting work. I came across it I think about 6 months ago maybe. A few weeks ago a friend got one of those laser etching / engraving machines – Would it be ok for me to use youre pictures ( the one with the pyramids relating to temperatures ) to create a type of poster? We would be doing this to sell to the public. If you feel comfortable with this it would be nice to hear from you with your recommendation. Thank you for considering this,

    Kobyn – from Canada.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Kobyn, yes that is fine. Thank you for asking. Please show me the results, it would be great to share this! Best wishes, Mario

  • Karl

    Hi Mario,
    This is Karl (of Indian descent) from Australia again.
    I would like to let you know that my previous correspondence with you was to know true ages of certain temples and buildings in India, and for that matter to look for the right answer as to the period of the RAVANA Kingdom as depicted in the RAMAYANA, the great Indian epic. Thanks for your kind help with some quality answer in the past.
    As part of our non-commercial drive to know the dynamics and the depth of the Vedic Antiquity, we feel that your contribution is of critical support. Can you please be kind enough to allow us to use your notes and graphs for illustration purposes. We will definitely provide references to your copyrighted material as you prescribed for the purpose.
    Our purpose is to reveal the true age of the Vedic civilization and to offer a counter perspective to the orthodoxy of the Indian archeologists and scientists, who do not allow us to go beyond the 12,000 years of history. Our goal is to substantiate the fact from your findings, that the age of the Vedic Civilisation might be much older. One example is that they (Indian archeologists) determine that the birth of Lord Rama happened 10th January 5114 BCE based on the astrological configuration of the planets and stars. We, however, argue that astrological alignment of stars and planets happen at the same sport every 25,771 years due to the Earth’s oscillation (one part of Milankovitch cycle).
    Our exercise is explicitly a holistic one only to make our generation come to terms with the truth. As such, there is no economic benefit associated with this research.

    With kind regards,

    • Karl

      Can I have your permission please to use your materials in our holistic research on the Vedic past?
      Thank you, and best regards.

      • Mario Buildreps

        Hello Karl, yes you have my permission under the condition that you name your sources ( and that the information remains unchanged. And if you change information make it clear that it is your interpretation and/or mention your other sources.

        Thank you.


  • Your work is very interesting. I would like to briefly show your work in Russian. on my page.
    I ask permission to include some of your images and to clarify your theory, with your name on my page
    I am not going to get any economic benefits. It’s interesting;
    My topic is the evolution of the slowdown of the Earth’s rotation. which I calculated according to the paleontological data of circadian rhythms and global events up to 4.6 billion years, in the past.
    Now, I searched for facts and checked the correlation with paleoclimate data, as well as the time when one part of the proto-moon which went away from Earth’s orbit, probably during one of the last temperature cycles.
    I found traces of such a moon in Mayan calendar cycles about 13 million years ago.
    These materials are in Russian, on my page.
    Since I already have a scientific degree, and a considerable age, I am driven only by interest in the topics.
    Thank you very much.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hello Konstantin, thank you for contacting me. It’s fine that you translate and post our information on your page. When I have time I will try to read the information you have posted so far. You suggest that the Mayans are much longer around than 400ky. This could be well true. Your information on Paleoclimate and the slowing of Earth’s rotation is very interesting as well, which could also indicate another time frame of a growing earth. It is very interesting what you have done so far!

      Kind regards, Mario

  • Raquel Suma

    I like a lot all your work. I would like explain your work in Spanish.

    I ask for authorization to include your images and quote it on my blog and channel always mentioning your name.

    My goal is informative and educational. I have no intention of having any economic benefit from my work.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    Thank you very much

    Raquel Suma

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for asking permission, Raquel. I think that Spanish is a good language to translate to our work to. Yes, you have my permission to translate our work. Please keep me informed about you progress and if you have questions or struggle with unclarities please let me know. You can always send me an e-mail to


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