Complex Nuraghes: Santu Antine

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Mainstream science is completely in the dark about our ancient history. It is the same for Nuraghe Santu Antine. Not a single archaeologist understands the purpose of the building. Science adheres to outdated and unverified ideas. Nuraghe Santu Antine is assumed to have been used as defense works, while there is nothing pointing to that use.

The Nuraghe Santu Antine was an advanced instrument to study “the heavens”, such as the solstices, the lunastices, and the rarer phenomena of the Major Lunar Standstill. The symmetry axis of Santu Antine is oriented towards Pole III. There is very little chance for this to be coincidental, especially because it is combined with the matching solstice and lunastice angles for the ancient latitude where it was located during Pole III.

Santu Antine appears to be between 210,000 and 230,000 years old with a certainty of over 99.999%. It was built during the same era as the city of Teotihuacan.
Nuraghe Santu Antine is another example where the Holistic Orientation-Based Theory is brought into practice.

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2 Responses

  • Sanjy shivam

    I have read your article seems so interesting but I just want to ask I don’t find this answer in your article

    *Why the pyramid of Giza build (the purpose of the building) stargate as per my research

    *Who made it-

    *what technology they have used

    If I share my opinion can it be ancient aliens or the people from an advanced civilization let’s say who have higher dimensions than us as you see time is an illusion so there time may be slower than us or faster, may be there one day is our 1000years can it be that
    They have come to a purpose and with advanced technology than us ….they ruled over humans as Anunnaki story tell as we go in cycles all this technology was
    Lost or
    Maybe they are still controlling us as Illuminati or high people on the pyramid
    Without giving this knowledge to others
    Maybe they are still ruling over us.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Our website does not speculate about the purpose of the pyramids of Giza or about the methods of how structures were built. We mainly research the correlations between orientations, former pole positions, ancient solstices and so on. There is no reason to involved aliens in this research field because Hs is around for more than 400,000. Hs is classified as to be smart only the last few thousand years but that is a highly unscientific view. Hs was as smart many hundreds of thousands of years ago as it is today. The societies that Hs built has been destroyed several times by major catastrophes.


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