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This menu item contains various in-depth articles, videos, scientific papers, and age determination of ancient structures such as pyramids, certain temples, and Nuraghes. Our research is rapidly expanding in all directions, revealing the most astounding evidence of humanity’s true antiquity. You can go to “Articles”, “Videos”, or “Published Papers” to obtain more clarity regarding our truly revolutionary dating method of ancient civilizations and their structures.

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Some articles explain how we have determined the true age of ancient cultures. Other articles explain details such as the likelihood that the latitude of Khufu’s pyramid is in actuality based on the speed of light.

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8 Responses

  • Thomas Fowler

    Have you looked at the smaller pyramids in Kush for orientation?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Yes, these pyramids of Jebel Barkal in Sudan are in the database as well. They are oriented to Pole V and older.


    Mario, the orientation of many Central American sites appear to correlate to star constellations. See this article
    “A Canadian schoolboy appears to have discovered a lost Mayan city hidden deep in the jungles of Mexico using a new method of matching stars to the location of temples on earth. William Gadoury, 15, was fascinated by the ancient Central American civilization and spent hours poring over diagrams of constellations and maps of known Mayan cities. And then he made a startling realisation: the two appeared to be linked. “

    Thus, your hypothesis about many temples not being Cardinally oriented appears to be substantiated by the young man’s insights.
    Keep up the great work. Look forward to you book.
    Kind regards

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thanks for pointing us to this hype, we are aware of this one time match. Which other Mayan sites also match star constellations? There is always a possibility that some configurations match. That is because you have many choices between both patterns. But if this pattern happens only once, it was simply coincidence. If there is a real pattern, the patterns must match most of the time. But that is not the case. There is nothing to get excited about.
      Our discovery is about the exceedingly high degree of clockwise orientation of the ALL the Latin-American temples together with a large amount of ancient sites on the eastern hemisphere that follows a certain rhythm. This rhythm matches the ice age sequence. That pattern exists on the Western hemisphere and on the Eastern hemisphere, and there are around 1,000 monuments involved.

      • Scott

        Seems like you argue your own findings by saying most much match up,when you have shown that many sites don’t fir your model. Is it only your research that isn’t affected by anamolies? Can’t have it both ways friend.

      • Mario Buildreps

        Of course are not all monuments pointing to ancient poles alone. That would indicate that we have been cherry picking ancient sites that only suit us well. Your argument would be the same as saying that all newly constructed buildings are all cardinally oriented. That would be strange, but it is clear that from all contemporary orientations, the cardinal oriented ones are in the majority.

  • Jim Patten

    I’m taking my time viewing everything on purpose…soaking it all in. All of your research is beyond absolutely amazing – it’s rather spectacular! I really love the math involved in all of it! It makes me want to go back and take more courses. Because of your team’s incredible work, it also makes me think, the ancients over 200,000 years had to have the same kind of math geniuses. Am I correct in this analogy? It seems so…

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Jim, thank you for your comment. I’m sure that math is not something only of our time, it is embedded in nature in every single fiber and every tiny particle, and it is something that we discover. Nature behaves according to mathematical laws and that is what the ancients discovered as well. There is unpublished work of us that shows that the builders of the great pyramids knew more about math than we do today. There is evidence that they have solved the Riemann hypothesis already millenniums ago.


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